Paint the Walls with Black History!


The above pictures (on top) are a few of the many pictures placed in the hallways of my school that I teach at.  I am excited to celebrate this month for myself, with my students, co-workers, friends, family and more importantly my daughter.  The month of February isn’t the only month we should spend celebrating and discussing Black culture, and the important people and events that has helped paved the way for Black people, however, it is the month I love to use to provide my students with facts about events and people in Black history. The picture the above (on the bottom), is one of the homework’s I’ve made this month so far for my students Math homework.  This homework provided a fact about Madame CJ Walker, a civil rights activist, who was the first African American women to become a self-made billionaire from her specialized hair products. Working in a school with predominately black students, it is important to me that my students are full aware of their very own potential, as well as, aware of the many Black people in our history who have proven we can be POWERFUL!

How are you celebrating Black history Month, this month?

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