Create to DECORATE!

(Art by the beautiful Phoenix <3)

If you get excited by cute little home accessories and chic decorations, then I am sure you were as excited as much as me, when I first moved into my new apartment this past summer.  One of the first things I thought about is…HOW WILL I DECORATE EACH ROOM?!! What will be the theme, the color, the accessories and etc.  Since I am very picky and indecisive, I still haven’t quite figured out how I will decorate some parts of my apartment.  However, I have figured exactly how I want to decorate the walls in my daughters room!! 🙂   After spending hours, in and out of HomeGoods(my fave!), Target, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and etc. weekly, trying to find art and girly decorations to put in my daughters room….one day she came home with a beautiful piece of art, and it HIT ME!  Instead of trying to find decorations in stores, which was already costing me so much time and eventually money, I decided to decorate my daughters room with her VERY OWN CREATIONS! I guess I should also mention that my daughter is quite the artist! And she lovesssss to draw! I usually have a few pictures to choose from a day.  Of course, I only choose her best to showcase in her room unless the decorations would make the room look like a daycare center(which isn’t what I want).  This idea of using my daughter’s art comes with many positives.  The two that sticks out most to me is 1. I will build her confidence and enthusiasm around her love and interest for Art.  Seeing her pictures planted around the room will help her build a sense of pride in her work.  2.  This will also help with making her feel more comfortable in her own room.  We have only been in this apartment for a few months, and she’s JUST getting used to sleeping in her OWN bed, in her OWN room.  I am hoping and thinking that seeing her very own art on the walls will bring her a sense of comfort and ownership of the territory(her room! LOL).


(Cherry Bomb Tree Art By Yours Truly!)

Now…..I must include that I am quite the artist too!….SIKE! But I am super proud by my masterpiece made (picture above) at a Paint Nite event with my sisters and cousin.  I went on this event, only anticipating having a good time, but I was so excited and surprised by how well my finished product actually came out, so I saved it!  At the time, I wasn’t living in my apartment yet, but I knew when I DID get my apartment, I would somehow incorporate that art, and I did!  Once my boyfriend and I decided that we liked the color sky/baby blue for our living room, I thought AH HA! I KNOW EXACTLY WHERE TO SHOWCASE MY ART! My boyfriend may have not been as excited by the idea of hanging up my art, as much as me… the time (LOL), but I knew he couldn’t resist the cuteness once he seen how well it went with my cute blue writing table! 🙂



I love the idea of creating to DECORATE, to guarantee unique items, as well as a personalized connection with your very own home! 🙂

Now, that I need a bookshelf for all my books, I am looking to create the bookshelf in the picture below (with the help of my boyfriend), from an old door! This unique bookshelf is such a beauty! And I can’t deny that I am digging the vintage look!

If you are interested in decorating your home with real, personalized, and chic style…you should check out Pinterest(as I do) for all the great ideas on how you can CREATE TO DECORATE!

If you have any ideas of your own….PLEASE SHARE! 🙂 🙂

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