I’m Looking At The “Wo”man in the mirror.


I am very excited to do this blog post on something that I’ve always thought about as a woman.  I want to first give you some context on where this blogpost is coming from…Quick story: My boyfriend threw me a surprise birthday party at our apartment this past Friday, and it was totally AMAZING! 🙂 Long story short, my fabulous sister did my make up, and did an outstanding job!  (Follow her @beatsbyreese on IG!).  I usually do not like to wear make up, and if I do it must look as natural as possible.  I worry about bright make up colors on my very light complexion, I’m afraid of looking like a clown! LOL!…..My sister had only taken a picture of me with my makeup and had forgotten to take a picture of me before the makeup.  She needed a before and after picture of my face to showcase her talents on her page. 🙂 So, the next morning I took the most natural picture of myself, fresh out the shower, and NO MAKE UP AT ALL, to send her my before shot!  If you could just get a peek at my photos on my phone, you would notice that I had taken the picture about a thousand times because I was dissatisfied with the ‘natural’ picture of myself, and I knew she would be posting this picture on social media! After every picture I took, I yelled out to my boyfriend, “This picture is ugly!”, “Ewwl, look at my dark circles around my eyes!”…Because my boyfriend is just too cute, he replied “Well, you’re not ugly, so I’m sure the picture is just fine!” However, that cute comment just wasn’t enough! At that point, I just didn’t want to send the picture to my sister anymore because I just couldn’t capture the best natural picture.  So then I asked my boyfriend to take the picture for me, I thought maybe he could capture a better picture, maybe a better angle that would lighten my dark circles around my eyes…. BUT THE PICTURES CAME OUT THE SAME! At that moment, I paused and thought to myself….”Why am I so dissatisfied with my most NATURAL picture of myself?”, “What has caused me to feel and think this way?”, “How many other woman are too scared, worried, or ashamed to show their REAL selves?”.  As you may notice in the picture below, I have NO blemishes! But there is still something I was still worried about the people on social media seeing. Is it because almost EVERY woman on social media show their most “beautiful” selves by using make up and filters?? Or perhaps it was the dark circles around my eyes that just do not go away, that had me feeling less confident! I was contemplating putting on just a little bit of concealer to hide the darkness around my eyes, but then I wasn’t sending my sister a makeup less picture! I fear that my black circles make me look like a zombie, especially when I’m tired.  However, I think that people in our society do not DARE to post our most natural faces or walk out of our houses without something to cover up our insecurities! (Let’s be clear! I walk out the house ALL THE TIME bare faced) but if I post a picture to social media, I prefer a filter just to lighten or hide my “raccoon eyes”!.  Long story short, I finally chose a picture that I was “somewhat” okay with my sister using on her Instagram, and sent it to her. The picture below is the post she posted.  The picture on the left has to be the most natural (mughshot LOL) picture I have ever put on social media, and I have to be honest….it feels GREAT to know that people are getting to see me at MOST natural self…no make up, no filter, no ANYTHING…to hide!


How many of you fear posting or showing your most NATURAL and BARE FACE to the world? And Why?  If you question your confidence, take a picture of yourself with the most fresh and natural face, and post it to your social media as validation that you TRULY love your natural face! If you’re hesitant….ask yourself why!  If we want others to accept our flaws and all, we must first start with accepting them ourselves, no matter how small or large the flaws are! 🙂



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