Invisibility is a SUPERPOWER!

mysteryI do not force my blog post.  Even though I would love to make them very often, I write a post when the spirit moves me, and when a thought is at the forefront of my mind. I like to be as authentic as possible. Right now, I am thinking about the power of silence, and privacy, specifically in a relationship.  I have always been a private person when it comes to my relationships.  Every relationship that I have been in, it has always been my hope that it would last long term.  With that being said, I have always been very conscious and cautious of the things I shared with family and friends, to avoid judgement of the person I was dating or my relationship.  I truly believe in the importance of keeping things that are DEAR…NEAR!  NOW!, if you are in a toxic, unhealthy relationship, and need help…PLEASE SPILL THE BEANS! Privacy is not your key! 

The absolute worst thing anyone could do is use social media as a way to express their current sadness, anger, or feelings about someone they are in a relationship with and who they truly care about.  1. It is just your current mood or feeling, give yourself a few hours or a few days and you may feel different! (I’ve learned to manage my emotions, I’ve come a long way! With still someways to go 🙂  2.  It is PURE entertainment for the people on the other side of that screen!  How do I know???! Because I am one of those people who will be entertained!  The second you decide to share your emotions on social media about your significant other, you just signed up for LOVE & HIP HOP! The audience is READY for the messiness.  One of the worst parts of it ALL, is that all of your feelings that you are expressing are REAL, but the majority of the people in the audience could careless about them.  Another one of the worst parts about it is that it doesn’t affect the person you are doing it for the way you TRULY want it to.  Now, I’m not talking to those of you who just don’t know how to control your anger, so you go on social media to try and make a fool out of someone, but I’m talking to those of you who REALLY do care, and want it to work with the person you’re expressing feelings about.  Your significant other should NEVER be the last person to know about your true feelings, AFTER you’ve already expressed them to your social media audience.  It is even WORSE to receive a phone call or text from a friend about what you wrote!  If you genuinely respect and love the person you’re with, MAKE SURE they are the first and last person you talk to about it! Keep your eyes on the prize! Don’t let your big mouth, destroy it!

I know you may think this is funny…but I’ve ALWAYS taken pages out of Beyonce’s book! I admire the person she is and how private she is about things that just simply DO NOT CONCERN US! As much as I love Beyonce, and as much as I want to believe we’re related/family….WE’RE NOT! I’m just a person in the audience.  We love to imagine and make inferences about unhappy her and Jay-Z are based off her songs, and rumors…but the best part is that we’ll never really know.  After her interview with Oprah, where Oprah told her to keep her relationship private…I’ve always tried to do the same!  All that anyone should ever know is that each of you RESPECT and LOVE one another…and that’s technically of all mine and your business.



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