The Thought!


Hello ALL! 🙂  This long overdue post speaks volumes to the numerous feelings I’ve been having these past few weeks.  The number 1 feeling that pops in my head is…EXHAUSTION!! I had a conversation with a co-worker this week about our current moods, and the best way I could describe mines was an on-going Choo Choo train. LOL! From the time I wake up in the morning, there’s just a trillion things on my daily to-do list, from being a teacher and a mom.  Every night, there are ALWAYS things left on my to-do list that I just never got to!  I struggle with the “thought” of never being able to master one thing or be great at one thing because I’m constantly juggling many things.  From this “thought”, I eventually formed anxiety about 5 years ago (yup, exactly when my daughter was born!)…that’s a whole other blog post in itself!!  Long story short, that “thought” began to fade when I learned to manage my time and energy more wisely.  I got smarter about doing most of my work, AT WORK! Things like grading, homework checks, classwork checks, lesson plan exemplars became a mandatory thing to get done at WORK.  I grew sick and tired of having to deny my daughter my attention when I was home, or just the feeling of being overworked/burnt out!  In the beginning of this school year, I had a bad habit of bringing tons and tons of student work home and was spending many long hours grading, which made cooking dinner, spending time with my daughter, spending time with my boyfriend, and getting my daughter and MYSELF to bed on time, EXTREMELY IMPOSSIBLE!  Yeah, it may sound like I could have been “Teacher of the Year”, but the reality is that there are other things and people who are as, or even more important than just my job.  I didn’t begin to suddenly slack! I just got better and more strategic! I started re-prioritizing the things on my to-do list, and I started adding an extra item on my list daily that had been long missing…time for MYSELF!  As a mom, that is almost a bit impossible, but a glass of wine in bed by 8 or 9pm works well for me! That might explain my strong love for wine, but that’s another blog post in itself! HAHA! 🙂 

My typical day consist of long work hours, cooking dinner, karate classes for my baby girl (certain days), gym (a girl is trying to be fit!), shower times, and etc. There are many days when I just don’t want to get out of bed, because the duties that await me are long and exhausting. But what I have found is that the key is managing YOUR time and being strategic about how you spend it!  The change in my mindset have alleviated a lot of my previous stress and anxiety that I very recently battled with (The anxiety is still a work in progress for me!).  There are still plenty of days where I just have not had enough time for myself, but I know this will get better with time and skill.  The most important part is adding the time in your schedule in the first place…to relax and just unplug!


Having personal time, should no longer be something we long for! It should be something we LIVE for, to sustain a healthy and happy life!

Add YOU, to YOUR schedule!……


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