Instagram Famous!


Today’s blog post piggybacks off of the ‘Nowhowthatsound’ podcast! (Check it out @ !!) I had the honor of joining my hubby and my brother on their second episode this past Sunday, and the main topic of discussion was…SOCIAL MEDIA! To be honest, when I found out this would be our topic, I was so excited to partake in the conversation!!! There were just a ton of ‘CONS’ I could not WAIT to discuss, as you may notice, as you listen to the podcast! LOL! But I was challenged to think FIRST about the benefits that come along with social media. Take a look at some of the things we named below……




  • Exposure for talented individuals
  • Keeps us informed about information that isn’t necessarily discussed within mainstream media and news outlets.
  • Keeps us connected with friends and families!
  • Inexpensive for marketing and advertisement
  • Dating/Meeting new people


  • Exposure for NON-talented individuals
  • Misleading information
  • Cyberbullying
  • Societal images of “beauty” and “perfection”
  • Infidelity
  • May advertise and/or glorify negative behaviors (influences ignorance)
  • Time consuming (Time missed with loved ones because of the constant need to be on social media)
  • DRAMA!!!


……….Just to name a few!



Long story short, social media has many things to offer, both beneficial and detrimental.  I think balance plays an important role in how well you manage using it.  I have watched some people become completely obsessed with the need to constantly post pictures of what they’re eating, drinking, wearing and going, that I doubt they had any time to enjoy whatever it was they were taking a picture of.  As an educator, I’ve watched social media tear down self-esteem and strip away self-respect from young adolescents, who just don’t know any better than to overthink and go TOO far with social media! During our conversation on the podcast, we even talked about ADULTS needing social media to help boost their self-confidence! What has social media, and SOCIETY done to us where we crave likes and comments SO MUCH, to the point that it ‘defines us’! “It helps us know who we are and assist in helping us feel good about ourselves”…to the point that we NEED it, RELY on it, and must ALWAYS check it!!

The point is…know who you are, have morals, values, and self-love before you get too deep into ‘virtual reality’ aka social media.  If you don’t, social media has the potential to influence the way you feel and think about yourself, alongside many other things…both beneficial and detrimental!


There’s just not enough time in the world to talk about all the things ‘Social Media’ entails!……I know I am missing a TON of things on both the Pros & Cons list, and am eager to hear what you would like to add on our list, so please comment below! 😉


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