Just then…I realized I was a “Good Mom!”


If you are a dedicated parent, your number 1 priority in life is to be a good/great parent.  With all you may do, you may not always hear it or know it, especially if your child is too young and haven’t quite learned to express gratitude.

Being a “good mom” is a bit nuanced.  We may all have different descriptions for what we think being a good parent is.  The moment I truly realized I was a good mom was this past Saturday night at the Queens Night International Market in Corona, NY, as I watched my daughter dancing on the dance floor from a far, with joy, excitement, and satisfaction.  This is obviously not the first time I’ve witnessed my daughter having a fun and exciting time, but it gave me the moment to reflect on how I think I contributed to it, and what I am continuing to do to make sure she is always happy and fulfilled.



Perhaps, it’s my ‘drop everything and go’ attitude when she needs me.  It doesn’t matter the place or time that I get a phone call about my daughter, I’M THERE WITHIN A BLINK OF AN EYE! Or perhaps it’s the countless amount of hours I’ll spend researching schools to learn more about the safety, curriculum, staff, diversity, and proficiency on state exams of a school before deciding to send my daughter, because all of these things matter in the development of my little girl (And I’m also an educator, which may make me more annoying in that aspect :)) . Or perhaps it’s the fact that I won’t dare go on a vacation in a year without making sure she travels too.  There’s no way I could travel the world without my daughter getting to see it as well.  Or perhaps it’s choosing to spend more money living in a neighborhood that was ‘family oriented’ and safe for my daughter to play outside.  Or perhaps it’s working at a retail store years ago, fresh out of college with a Mathematics degree making minimum wage, JUST so I could have enough change to buy my daughter gifts for her first Christmas. Or perhaps it’s the sleepless nights from completing essays and working on complex math problems with my infant sleep in my arms as I fought through Graduate School, because I just needed to be successful not just for me any more, but for her!….and so on………

I’m sure if you are a parent, you have a long list of all the things you’ve done for your child and still doing for your child.  It’s time to take some credit and be proud! Being a parent has BY FAR been my HARDEST and MOST DEMANDING job.  I feel pretty invincible after becoming a mother! For not just doing the basics of my responsibilities, but going over and beyond to make sure I am raising a human being who will one day be able to reflect on their childhood and remember how great they had it! My responsibility of being a MOM is sooooo huge! I am humbled by the opportunity to raise a future leader, who I’ve taught from now to advocate for themselves, to respect themselves and others, to value education, and to love the skin they’re in.

How do I self-identity??….AS A MOM! 🙂


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