Preserving my Energy & Protecting My Mood


HIIII Bloggers and Friends!!! I know, I know, I have not blogged in MONTHSSS!!!!!! During those months off I have had my hands entirely full with mostly work and my daughter.  Sometimes I forget how much I do in just one day, until someone reminds me by saying “Wow, I don’t know how you do all of that and continue to keep going!”  My response to them is always…“I don’t know either!” LOL!

Anyways, something that I have been working intensely and heavily on during my absence from the blog is preserving my energy and protecting my mood.  Now let me get into what I mean by that…..


By preserving my energy and protecting my mood, it means that I am avoiding unnecessary conflict with others (drama), I am trying to see the “good” or positives in a situations that may not feel as such, I am unapologetically voicing to others when something is taking me out of my element, I am discarding negative people from my space, I am practicing best intent, not answering or replying to a text/call/email immediately if I know it may interrupt my peace, I am having more faith in myself, others and situations, I am seeking to help others more, I am saying “NO” to things that may conflict with me preserving my energy or sanity, I am trying to spend more time with people that I love and whom makes me happy, I am learning to meditate and to be in the “now”, I am learning to be more grateful, showing more gratitude, accepting myself for everything that I am (flaws and all), having more patience and etc.  I’m sure you get the point!  I say TRYING because I have not mastered any of the things listed above, but there’s an strong effort to do so, for the betterment of myself!


Now, why is this important to me? Well first, before determining that this was important to me, I became more emotionally intelligent.  This means I started to pay more attention to my emotions, feelings and mood at any given time, and really examining why I would have these certain feelings.  I started to understand what were my triggers and my response and reaction in certain moments.  This is not to say that I’ve made changes because I was a “bad person”, I made changes because I learned I was in complete control of how I wanted to feel day in and day out. I was reminded that I had the ability to not let others and situations dictate my life.  This is very similar to when people say “POSITIVE VIBES ONLY”, but I mean it literally!


For most of us who have a stressful job, or have the stress of being a parent, we do NOT have the energy to waste in a non-productive manner.  Being that I am a full-time 7th grade Math teacher and recently a Kindergarten teacher (I now teach my 5 year old daughter at home, on top of what she does at school! LOL) I MUST choose when and where to use my energy, which means at all cost I have to preserve it.

If you are tired of making Instagram and Facebook post about “Being positive” and “Positive Vibes Only”, but not really living that lifestyle….start by becoming more in tune with your emotions and feelings, so that you can control them and communicate with others around that knowledge.  I read a book called Emotional Intelligence (can’t remember the author, but there’s many out there to read! 🙂  to help me understand things about my emotions and other peoples emotions in a way I have never thought about before.  The benefits of preserving your energy and protecting your mood are that you are more wiser about how you handle disagreements with others (this doesn’t mean AT ALL that you’re a pro with handling difficult conversations), but you are capable to reflect on them to grow or fix them, which results in stronger relationships ( I have my boyfriend working on his peace too! 🙂 ).  You have more capacity for things that are important to you.  You feel more at peace and happy with yourself and your situations, along with many other benefits.



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