Hello Bloggers and Friends!!!  After reading this very brief blog post, you’ll be ready to create your very own bookshelf in LESS THAN 5 MINS, WITH LESS THAN $40!!!!!! If you are a follower of my blog, you have read my previous blog post about creating to decorate! As a headline, I just LOVE unique and natural “things”.  If I knew how to make everything myself, I WOULD!  If you haven’t read my blog post “Create to Decorate”, please head over to that blog post now or after to check it out!! 🙂  Since that post I have created both a bookshelf and a couch, and I am soooo excited to share how I did it!!!!!

Now, the urgency around getting a bookshelf got real once I started coming home with new reading books for both my daughter and I, in addition to all of my college books, Math textbooks (that I refuse to give away because they’re expensive and informational!), teaching books and etc.!  After searching for the ‘right’ and most inexpensive bookshelf, I decided why don’t I make my own!  After a little bit of research I hopped in my car and headed over to Michaels, where I picked up three wooden crates for $10 each!……………….If you’re looking for more to the story……..there isn’t, BECAUSE THAT’S IT!   A SIMPLE, INEXPENSIVE, HOMEMADE bookshelf made with only three crates at $30 total!  🙂


The photo above is a picture of the bookshelf in my living room.  I stacked the crates in a zig zag way to add more ‘flavor’, versus just stacking the crates straight.  To give the bookshelf a more comforting and ‘cool’ feel I added a quote and candle on top. I am even more excited about the hats that were added, which are hats that used to belong to my grandfather, who passed away a few years ago.

The BEST part is, as I continue to grow my book collection I can add crates to the design to accommodate my new books. This means I can easily expand my bookshelf as I get more books, inexpensively!

Please be on the look out for my blog post about how I created my couch out of pallets!!!!

See ya! 🙂


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